Monday, October 29, 2012

Pin-up of the Day- Boba Fett

Boba Fett art by Taylor Lymbery

Oh, Boba Fett... This guy has to be just about everyone's favorite bounty hunter. Boba fett proves to me what a really good costume design can do for a character. The fact that he looks really cool makes you want to know more about him. Boba makes his first Star Wars universe appearance in the Star Wars holiday special in animated form. His armor coloring is a bit different than what we are used to seeing in Empire Strikes back and Return of the Jedi and looks closer to what we see in Jango Fett's armor in the prequels. Hasbro made a Boba Fett action figure in the fashion of his animated debut. After the animated spot, we get to see Boba in classic Kenner action figure form a year before the Empire Strikes back film. I think that this just lead to more of the coolness of Boba Fett before anyone really ever saw him on film. He is then seen in the Empire Strikes Back movie and then Boba was seen again in Return of the Jedi in the beginning of the film during the Jabba the Hutt scenes where he died. He was knocked into a Sarlacc and was slowly digested over a thousand years! That is how I know of his demise. Now the books tell a different story. Apparently Boba is rescued from the pit of Carkoon and goes on to become an even bigger retcon in the Star Wars Extended Universe. Blah... Trust me, I can see why some people would want him to survive. He looks really cool, but for everyone who likes the Star Wars films, Boba died in the Battle over the Sarlacc pit of Carkoon. End of story. As far as toys, Boba has been made into many action figures. I have a handful, but got rid of 5 handfuls throughout the years.That should show what marketing does to capitalize on the coolness of character design. That should also prove Boba's coolness. You can also see this art piece here

All throughout the month of Movember, I'll be growing a mustache to raise awareness of prostate cancer and I'll be taking donations for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Do you want to donate?! Head on over to my Movember page to see photos of me struggling to make a blonde mustache show and to donate! 

There's been an update to the store tabs on both Xenex the Bug Man, and this site. All of the print on demand issues, cafepress stores and commissions info will be under the new store tab on both this site and the Xenex the Bug Man site. Hopefully this page makes shopping a bit easier. Go and check it out! 

The Xenex the Bug Man website is updated with rather grand news that the long awaited issue 4 is now up for order. It's a great looking comic book! Head on over to the Bug Man site and see what I'm talking about!

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