Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Custom Toy of the Day- The Mini-A Tree!

Recently, I was asked to help my community out with the Anime Convention, Mini A-Kon, here in Denton Texas by making a piece to auction off to raise money for "The Love of Art: Sharing with Seniors" non-profit program.  You can learn more about this program here: www.forloveandart.org and learn how to bring the art experience to those with limited mobility! I have been wanting to make a tree piece for a long time! I got a bit of a chance to do it when I made the custom toy, "The Old Barn's Foundation", but it was not enough! Approaching this custom I was hesitant about making just a tree. I needed a design choice that would keep it compact. My only logical solution was a bonsai tree. In the past, I used to grow and prune bonsai trees for one of my many hobbies. Then a cat ate them... Working on this piece reminded me of the joy of caring for a small designer tree. I might just get back into my old beloved hobby. This piece will be auctioned off by the Stan Lee Foundation Saturday, February 28th at the Mini A-Kon, located at the Denton Civic Center in Denton, Texas. If you want to try your hand at owning this piece, you'll need to be there. If you want to see this in person, you'll have to be there. If you want a fun experience, you'll want to be there. And if you are there, find me. Bring me a blank toy, and I'll do a little doodle on it with my assortment of paint markers! There are also more pictures of this piece below the important messages below. 

Recently, I was being filmed for a convention documentary called, Unconventional. You can see it here. While you are at it, you should check out Johnathan Paul's other video work here. 

Just to let you know all know, I am taking commissions. If you would like to commission me for original artwork, head over to the commissions tab in store to see how. 

I have posted some new shirt designs in my Cafepress store. Head over to my Cafepress store and get a shirt or a couple! 

I will be revamping my storenvy.com shop to sell my toys. Keep watch for some new exciting products over the year. Here's the link: http://taylorlymbery.storenvy.com/

If you have not heard about the Podcast called, "Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff", then it's time I let you know! Jeff and I are on the show where we talk about toys! (Go figure, I mean Go action figure!) Seems simple enough. We pick out a toy line to discuss in each show. We share our childhood memories, our favorite five, and talk about the one toy in the line that got away. Jeff talks about how he cherished his toys and I talk about how they ended up in the garden! The other show is The pilot episode, where Jeff and Cory break down the Pilot Episode in TV series. The shows are great! If you are interested in what we got, go to Marvindogmedia.com  and give us a listen. You can subscribe to the shows on itunes and get up to date info on upcoming shows on facebook:

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All pictures and design of "Mini-A Tree" is copyright © Barnlord Toys by artist Taylor Lymbery 2015. All rights reserved. You can see this piece in Taylor's deviantart gallery here as well.