Friday, November 14, 2014

Custom toy of the Day- The Adventures of Rocket Boy and Lazer Girl!

Recently I was asked to make a cake topper for two of my great friend's, Travis and Amanda's, wedding. I was deeply honored and knew that there would be challenges. My first challenge was to add a good deal of movement to make the toy truly dynamic in its design. I wanted there to be a focal point for display, but have it available to be seen from any side. I covered every inch of the rocket and characters with detail. I spared no space. My second challenge was in engineering. I used a wire wreath to make the structure for the smoke. I bent it into shape to make it spiral around from the base. The wire on its own, though did not hold up very well. I added the dowel rod laser blast into the cloud work to add a pillar to help support the toy. The second laser blast was added as a second pillar to help support the rocket. As I took the toy to Austin, I was so afraid that it would not make the journey. I made one small repair when I got to the hotel. The wedding was a blast and the married couple loved their new custom toy! That's a win in my book!

I'll have more pictures after the wordage below... as always! 

Recently, I was being filmed for a convention documentary called, Unconventional. You can see it here. While you are at it, you should check out Johnathan Paul's other video work here. 

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And now, pictures!!!

All pictures of "The Adventures of Rocket Boy and Lazer Girl" custom toy is copyright © Taylor Lymbery 2014. All Rights Reserved. You can see this piece in my deviantart gallery as well here