Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ups, Downs, and Working on Getting Better

Hello everybody! I want to thank you for sticking with me all of this time. I know that it has been a couple of weeks since I posted sketch cards, Xenex the Bug Man updates and such. Just to keep everyone updated, I've been in the hospital due to the mass on my neck. I'm out for now but not done. I'll be going soon to get a biopsy and I'll have to see where that takes me. For now, though, I am back at home as of last night. This is exciting for me cause I got to see my cat, got to spend time with my lovely Wife and got to open a butt-load of toys that I din't get to since I was in the hospital. I am happy to be back. As far as my work, I am thinking that I will be back to posting sketch cards on Monday, and I will be working to finish up issue 4 of Xenex the Bug Man over the next couple of weeks before I head on over to do another Unstoppable Force issue. I am hoping my body will allow me to get back to work for a while. Let's pray and keep  our fingers crossed. 

Just a quick update: I did go ahead and purchase a table for the Fan Days Convention in October. So I will be there (given that I don't have another mishap).

Now, I'm opening commissions for 2.5" X 3.5" sketch cards. They are $10 + shipping and handling which will be $6 in the continental United States of America. I'll have to get a quote for any territories outside of that. I will also open up my 7" X 10.5" colored page line drawings for commissions. Same price as the sketch cards, but I'll have to check on the shipping (due to the difference in size). If you want to see what I mean by colored sheet drawing, go here. If you want a sketch card, send me an e-mail to Name your character and we will go from there. I take paypal.
 I want to make sure you all have links to the projects and sites that I work on. Here is the listing. 

Here's what I have:
Twitter: Barnlord
Deviantart: Barnlord
Cafepress art shop: Taylor Lymbery's Pop Parody art Shop 
About Me page: Taylor Lymbery
Xenex Website:
Xenex on Facebook: Xenex's faceybook
Xenex Cafepress art shop: Xenex the Bug Man shop
Unstoppable Force website: Unstoppable Force

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