Monday, April 2, 2012

Xenex Coloring Contest

Format this sheet to fit a 8.5" X 11" paper
Alright Xenex fans! Here's your chance to enter into the Xenex the Bug Man coloring sheet contest. I ran this a little at a Mini A-Kon and want to branch out. How do you enter? Well, download the picture, color it, ink it, digitally color it, paint it, or whatever you want to make Xenex awesome! Then, follow the instructions on the sheet. If you want others to participate, send the sheets to them. You know, post it on your facebook page, link back to this post, etc. I am working on a prize now, and it will be a one of a kind collectible, so keep your eyes on the site to see what. I will also be working on a few other awards too. I will be carrying the contest to June 1st, 2012. No entries will be accepted after 1:00 AM est on June 2. I will have a few sheets to hand out at the Dallas Comic on May 19th and the 20th. I won't reprint more, so... Also, all entries will be featured on the Xenex the Bug Man facebook page. Keep in mind that your age, skill and creativity will factor into the judging for these coloring sheets. Please, don't get discouraged and not send in a sheet. Just have fun!

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