Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dallas Comic Con, Website Debacles and The Sorceress's poor design flaw

So no Daily Deviation today. Sorry folks. Instead, I need to avert your attention to a really big event coming up soon: THE DALLAS COMIC CON. If you are familiar with me and my workings as a newbie, trying to make it as an upcoming illustrator, then you might have seen a trend of me not missing any Dallas Comic Con event for the past couple of years. I will be there at this years event. Rob Payne will be there with me. I'll have the banners up that I used at the Scifi Expo back in February. So, if you remember my booth, that's how you can find us this upcoming event.
Some of the works for sale.

I'm adding a new pin-up girl poster to the prints to sell. I will be selling the clone trooper cowboy print there as well. Rob will have a decent size printing of the Giant Size Unstoppable Force for $6 and I will have a small printing of all three issues of Xenex the Bug Man 1-3. I'll price those at all three and a Xenex 11"X17" print for $10. I'll also have the other 11"X17" prints for $10. I will have some of my original pieces up for sale as well as sketch cards and smaller original pieces. I haven't decided on a price yet for that work.

The Convention will be May 19th-20th. It will be at the Irving Convention Center that is located at 500 W Las Colinas Blvd. , Irving, TX. Tickets for Saturday will be $25.00 for 11:00am to 7:00pm, and tickets for Sunday will be $20.00 for 11:00am to 4:00pm.

If you happen to go to the Convention, stop by and say hi to Rob and I. 

Now, if you have tried to go to my website,, and/or,, you should be seeing error messages. I am trying to consolidate the websites and make a better website. I am having a LOT of troubles with getting the domain names to work correctly, so for the time being, use this blogspot address as my art site for news. Hang in there. In a couple of weeks, I will hopefully have the web stuff taken care of. :)

Now, I recently got a message from a friend and fellow deviantart artist, =Hordaks-Pupil,  about The Sorceress sketch Card that I had posted there. We ended up in a conversation about the Sorceress's design that ended up in a mention to the Classics version action figure that was released on in February. I didn't get her. I ended up getting only Fisto due to money. I went and watched her review by Pixel Danand saw the monstrosity of design for her wing system. Mattel could've designed better. That shoulder peg design was just silly; plain silly. The silliness in that design might as well been a spring loaded action weapon out of Hasbro's GIJoe Rise of Cobra line: oversized and unnecessary. Hopefully, if they release a Sorceress that is in the vain of the 200X design, we won't have this issue. Hopefully.

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