Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Opening a shop for tee designs gone awry!

Here is a screen cap of some of the items in store.
As I looked at the numbers for the scoring of the last design I submitted over to threadless, I didn't get the idea that the shirt designs I had submitted really fit the scene there. I know that there have been a few friends and fans that have expressed their desire to have their hands on a "A Flock of Smeagol" shirt or the "Our First Catch of the Day" shirt. So to remedy the unavailability of these shirts, I opened a shop for them on cafepress.com. I've been buying shirts from them recently, and their quality has gotten really good. So the shirts are well worth it. And, If you have gotten any of the Xenex inspired items from the Xenex cafepress shop, you'll know how nice they are. Without further ado, I present the Taylor Lymbery Pop Parody Art Shop!

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