Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sketch card of the day- The Sorceress!

The Sorceress Sketch card by Taylor Lymbery
Today's deviation is The Sorceress. OMG! If you thought I had a crush on Teela, you had better think twice! The Sorceress is my girl! I always envisioned my gorgeous wife as The Sorceress and to tell the truth and personally I wouldn't mind making her the costume! For me, my love of The Sorceress came with the 200X version of her. I feel she has an amazing maturity about her in the modern cartoon series as well as a true ability to defend herself that I don't see her having in the original production. Even in the modern comics, seeing her battle Evil Lyn is awe-some! She's tough and wise and I believe her 200X costume reflects that. I missed on the Classics line Sorceress figurine by Mattel holding out to see if I could maybe get a Temple of Darkness one by the end of the year. As much as I love the caracter, I'm not entirely sold. But, if Mattel wants to throw in a Battle field Sorceress that has the look of her 200X design into the Classics line,  know then that I'll be there to get one. You can also see this sketch card here.

Now, I'm going to have a bunch of these sketch cards available at the Dallas Comic Con. I'll be selling them for $10. I am also opening commissions of sketch cards. They will also be $10 + shipping and handling which will be $6 in the continental United States of America. I'll have to get a quote for any territories outside of that. I will also open up my colored page line drawings for commissions. Same price as the sketch cards, but I'll have to check on the shipping (due to the difference in size). If you want to see what I mean by colored sheet drawing, go here. If you want a sketch card, send me an e-mail to taylorlymbery@gmail.com. Name your character and we will go from there.

 I want to make sure you all have links to the projects and sites that I work on. Here is the listing.

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