Friday, March 1, 2013

Action Figure Friday- MOTU Classics Ram Man!

I was lucky, apparently. Ram Man was quick to go on the Mattycollector website the day of this beast's sale. So, I am very happy to have him and I hope that my luck holds out when I want to get my other cherry picked items off of the site for this year. Yes, I'm a cherry picker due to the fact that I was not sure that I could afford a whole line of He-Man classics toys for a year. To Mattel, I'm probably a bad guy, but I digress. 

Ram Man is awesome! I will go ahead and get the "awesome" commits out of the way! It is really cool to have him not in his mermaid legging form anymore. By Mermaid, I am referring to a type of dress that keeps your legs together; not that this tough guy would ever wear a dress... In Rammy's previous forms, his legs have always been a platform for an awesome spring loaded jump feature. It was as if his legs were a pogo stick. This version of Ram Man moves away from that to give a great action figure chocked full of articulation. This guy has all of the movement of the base MOTUC bodies, but the bulk of the toy is huge; much bigger the the base body. How big is he? He stands about seven and a half inches. That is a inch and a half higher than the base body. My one worry about my toy is that his joints are tight. Did you get that? His joints are TIGHT!!! I am very careful to move his arms and legs cause I'm afraid of breaking his limbs. This version of Ram Man comes with an alternative head that resembles his un-helmet-ed head from the Mike Young Productions cartoon. I'm ok with this head. I don't really feel that it sits well with the rest of the body. That might just be me. I'm pretty picky you know. I am excited to see that his axe holder on the back of his armor has made made it to this version of Rammy. That was a fun feature on the 200X toy that I love! Even though he can hold his axe without a problem, I do wish that he had this feature on his vintage toy. 

Now I'm not sure if this toy will ever go back to market. It should be selling on the secondary market and I have a feeling that many sellers are jacking up the prices to ridiculous (that is a true price range, ranging from redonkulous and absurd). So, if you got a Ram Man Classics, congrats. If you didn't, I pray that Mattel will find it in their hearts to bring him back to the online store. 

I purchased a table for the Dallas Comic Con in May. I look forward to seeing all of the familiar faces and hopefully some new people stopping by to chat with us. 

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