Monday, February 25, 2013

Pin-up of the day- Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman by Taylor Lymbery
It seems to never fail that when I am commissioned to make a Wonder Woman piece, that she is requested to be the angry Frank Miller style amazon. This version of her seems to be picking up in popularity. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that! When I think of amazon women, I don't usually think of Wonder Woman, but when I think of Wonder Woman, I think amazon. I think of her as tough, and wearing armor. I don't think so much of her having a lasso of truth so much as a lie deflecting whip. I prefer my fictional comic book amazonian to wear armor, carry a shield, spear, and sword. I'm not sure why I feel this way. I grew up in a time when I was used to seeing Wonder Woman jump around in tights, fly an invisible jet and have a sparkling lasso. The only things that I can think of that would sway me to view her this way is not just Frank Miller's portrayal of her, but Xena: warrior princess. I know it seems a bit of a stretch, but she's an amazon too, and really tough. And the personalities between the two are rather similar. It's been a while since I've seen the run of the Xena T.V. show. I have it saved in Netflix and I'm thinking I need to start watching it soon. Now I'm also thinking that I should do some Xena pin-ups! Oh, man, I love that amazon! IIAEEEE!!!

You can also see this piece in my deviantart gallery

I purchased a table for the Dallas Comic Con in May. I look forward to seeing all of the familiar faces and hopefully some new people stopping by to chat with us. 

I have posted some new shirt designs in my Cafepress store. Head over to my Cafepress store and get a shirt or a couple! 

I have all Xenex the Bug Man comic books available for print on demand. You can see that listing here on my store's tab for comic books. 

Just to let you know all know, I am taking commissions. If you would like to commission me for original artwork, head over to the commissions tab in store to see how. 

If you have not heard about the Podcast called, "Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff", then it's time I let you know! Jeff and I are on the show where we talk about toys! (Go figure, I mean Go action figure!) Seems simple enough. We pick out a toy line to discuss in each show. We share our childhood memories, our favorite five, and talk about the one toy in the line that got away. Jeff talks about how he cherished his toys and I talk about how they ended up in the garden! The other two shows are The pilot episode, where Jeff and Josh Taylor break down the Pilot Episode in TV series, and The Loosely Based Podcast where Brynna and Jeff compare the book to the movie adaptation! The shows are great! If you are interested in what we got, go to  and give us a listen. You can subscribe to the shows on itunes and get up to date info on upcoming shows on facebook:Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff on facebook
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