Friday, March 22, 2013

Action Figure Friday- G.I.Joe Sigma 6- Cobra Commander!

When the Sigma 6 toy line came to market, I was living from paycheck to paycheck. Money was scarce, so needless to say, I missed out on a lot of the action figures from this line. And despite not having a lot of money, it also didn't help that the price of the deluxe guys was $20.00 and the basic toys were $16.00. Back in 2005-2007, that was a lot for a 8" action figure line. Hasbro's Sigma 6 series was expensive, but they were totally worth every penny paid! These toys were chocked full of articulation, accessories, and soft good costuming pieces. This toy line didn't have a large roster of characters compared to G.I.Joes' 3 3/4" action figure line. Instead Sigma 6 had a few main characters that got several toy versions changing up costuming colors, pieces and weapons. One of the main characters that I originally missed out on was Cobra Commander. As far as this line goes, I would get all of the Cobra Commanders from Sigma 6. They are all fantastic! But for me, I wanted to make sure that I got the classic first release blue armor Commander. I managed to get him years later after the line was over in an ebay auction. This action figure is my favorite toy from this line. Seriously! I'm a big fan of the armored look that he sports, calling back to the vintage armored Cobra Commander 3 3/4' toy. But, I love that this version of CC has the total blue uniform calling back to his original action figure look. He also sports some nice details that call back to some of the 12" toy line. Honestly, this version of Cobra Commander is all of the good things from all of the other awesome Cobra Commanders thrown into one fantastic version! On top of that, he has a back holstered laser gun, rotating spring loaded action damage plate on his chest, a snake firing missile staff and a saw shield that has a hidden knife in the back! If that is not a selling point, to some of you, well then you missed it (the point)! Seriously! It's a saw shield! That's almost as cool as an Uzi-Shield.

You can find the Sigma 6 Cobra Commander online for sale. Here is a listing of him on : Sigma 6 Cobra Commander. 

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  1. I caught a few Sigma Six episodes when it was on tv, but I never bought any of the figures.

    1. The anatomy is a bit weird on a few of the characters, but keeping the appeal of the anime look was probably a requirement for these toys due to the cartoon. I'm a big fan of the Larry Hama 80's Joe run and a bigger fan of the short lived 25th anniversary run. Hearing me say that, one would think that I wouldn't like this toy line at all, but after all of these years, I can't find it in my heart to part with the Sigma 6 toys. They are just too darn cool! :)