Friday, December 21, 2012

Action Figure (toy) Friday- Dr. Dreadful Zombies Bug Lab!

The other day, I found this little gem on a shelf I was straightening up at work. From the look of the box, I just fell in love! I thought, "My God! How cool would that be if I got that and did a review on it?! I could ask Jeff from the podcast, Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff to a video review with me on this toy." I always fail to remember that Jeff doesn't like bugs, and this set glorifies itself on the fact that you can make candy versions of creepy crawlies. But, I digress. 
The Dr. Dreadful labs toys are made by Umagine which is put out through Spin Master (Spin Master put out the recent Tron Legacy Toys). The toys boast the feature of being able to eat whatever you make in the sets. In other words, this is the naughty food maker to the nice foodmaker, the Easy Bake Oven. Now I only have this one set. There have been other sets that have made me look twice in its direction due to it's looking like absolute coolness! The one set that I would like to add to this is the Organ Grinder. It looks rather impressive. At least the box makes it look impressive. 
From what I found with this Bug Lab set is that it is rather easy to use. I had no trouble putting the toy together nor did I have a hard time understanding the directions (unlike the directions to the Ikea furniture). I did notice that when I tried to push the candy gel into the mold, the gel would also push out of the bottom and onto the kitchen counter. I solved this little problem with a little piece of plastic bag set under the candy disc in the candy well. It's not a 100% clean counter approach, but it will get more mix into the mold instead of on the table. All in all, the candy is ok. The grape is way better than the apple mix. The true selling feature of this is being able to watch the candy mix push up into the semi clear mold. it really is fun to watch. I really like the design of this toy set, and initially that is what sold me on getting it. The other was the price. I was able to get this set for a ridiculously low price due to it being on sell. I do wish that the gray plastic was molded in a darker color. And I also wish that the bug molds were in the bluish color like in the package photo, but what can you do. This would be a fun stocking stuffer and/or small gift to give a young boy or any child that enjoys gross things. 

Here is a listing of this toy on amazon: Dr. Dreadful Gummy Bugs

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