Taylor Lymbery | Red Turtle Comics Studio

Comic Book Artist (Freelance Illustrator) and Custom Toy Designer, DFW, TX

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University of North Texas (BAS in Film Production and Design)


I currently write and illustrate my own super awesome passion project and sci-fi adventure comic book called, "Xenex the Bug Man". When I'm not working on Xenex, I pick up various independent comic book titled work, logo work and draw pin-ups of characters from my toy collections. I make radical customized vinyl action figures and co-host a stellar toy discussion podcast called, "Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff". I do all of this to stay busy in order to keep me from draining e-bay of it's vintage and designer toys, and thus depleting my bank account. 

My Work

I work on an independent level. That means all of my work is self- published and printed through printers and distributors like KA-BLAM and sold on sites like INDYPLANET, who cater to the independent comic book arts. It also means that any and all support from the reader helps keep the comics coming to you.

If you've gotten comic books from me or the crew, my deepest thanks go out to you. Seriously, you, the fan, help us bring amazing stories to you. If you haven't bought a comic from us, what are you waiting for?! We have plenty of products out now on INDYPLANET,  and we will have more amazing issues and cool projects coming out soon! 

Extra Work

I do take commission work when I have time for custom pin-ups. With all my commission work, I make sure I give you the best product that I can.

 Keep up with the latest happenings on the home page to find out about upcoming shows, and when I'm taking commissions. The news is also the gateway for great info on Unstoppable Force and Xenex the Bug Man.

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