Monday, November 7, 2011

The Move and the Pin-up Girl

So I am moving. Well, I should say my wife and I are moving. What does this have to do with a pin up girl? Well, not much. But as I looked at my rather bare walls and saw the only art up was my recent line art of an alternative pin up girl, I was saddened a little. You see, since I have been in the illustration field, considering myself a professional self published illustrator, I have done all of that work in this room. My first issue was drawn in this office, not that it matters much. I'll move into a better place, in a better town, and everything will be great. Now I know that this pinup girl will not be the last drawn in this office, but she is to be the first symbol, to me, of a new beginning and better dwelling. Here's to three good starting years at this room to be called the first Red Turtle Comics Studio! Hip, hip, horyeah!
Also, if you want to check out the pin-up piece on my deviantart account, go here: Sarah the Pin up Girl