Monday, June 15, 2020

Custom Toy Play-Set- The Scared Temple: Part 1

I have seen a lot of Toy Photography being made in the past year or so. And seeing successful pictures means that there is some sort of set piece or background in the picture to add to the realism of the setup. So when my son asked me to make him a play-set for his Masters of the Universe toys, I said, "You know, I should show a lot of people how to craft a play-set out of crafting materials.". And so, this video was born.

This is a part one to a two part creation for this set. The second video will be all about painting the creation. I will go over painting techniques and texturing techniques in that video. So...stay tuned!!!

Jeff and I are having an 8th anniversary of our show, Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff! It has been a great ride. Celebrate the occasion by going through our backlog of shows on MarvinDogMedia!

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