Monday, May 12, 2014

Painting of the Day- Battle Armored Baddies!

I am a big fan of classic illustration works from the Masters of the Universe toyline. Earl Norem, Rudy Obrero, and William George's paintings have inspired me to no end. For this piece, I really wanted to capture the classic look of Skeletor and his great cat, Panthor. I decided to do Battle Armor Skeletor and pair him with the new Classics Panthor helm to give his battle cat an armored look as well. I broke up the proportions a little on Skeletor to give him perspective but to also mimic the squatty-ness of the original toys. Snake Mountain in the background is a nod to how the MYP 200X series took care of the evil fortress. To keep the same classic appeal, I colored the snake in green much like the snake trap of the vintage playset. I have been adding an easter egg to my paintings of recent. I've hidden a tiny gray skull in the piece. There is also a tiny gray skull in my pieces, "Dragon Camp", and "Deep Space Drifter". Why a gray skull? I am a huge Masters of the Universe fan and I love Castle Grayskull! I will offer this piece as aprint at the upcoming Dallas Comic Con in May 2014. This piece is an acrylic painting on a 11" X 17" piece on poster cardstock. You can see this piece in my deviantart gallery as well here

Dallas Comic Con is this week! You can find my table in Artist Alley at A229. Stop by!

Just to let you know all know, I am taking commissions. If you would like to commission me for original artwork, head over to the commissions tab in store to see how. 

I have posted some new shirt designs in my Cafepress store. Head over to my Cafepress store and get a shirt or a couple! 

I have opened a shop to sell my toys. Here's the link:

If you have not heard about the Podcast called, "Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff", then it's time I let you know! Jeff and I are on the show where we talk about toys! (Go figure, I mean Go action figure!) Seems simple enough. We pick out a toy line to discuss in each show. We share our childhood memories, our favorite five, and talk about the one toy in the line that got away. Jeff talks about how he cherished his toys and I talk about how they ended up in the garden! The other two shows are The pilot episode, where Jeff and Josh Taylor break down the Pilot Episode in TV series, and The Loosely Based Podcast where Brynna and Jeff compare the book to the movie adaptation! The shows are great! If you are interested in what we got, go to  and give us a listen. You can subscribe to the shows on itunes and get up to date info on upcoming shows on facebook:

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