Monday, April 1, 2013

Action FIgure Monday!- Kenner- Robin Hood- Gren Sleives

I have always wanted an unreleased action figure and I recently got my chance the other day. I have been collecting the full regular released run of Kenner's 1990's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves toy line. In the research of this toy line, I found that there was to be a second run of action figures, but they the line stopped just before their release. In that run, there was two new Robin Hoods, a new Azeem, two new bad guys (that this toy line despreatly needed), and King Richard. The Robin Hood's were: Combat Robin Hood and Flaming Arrow Robin Hood. The new Azeem was called Battle Azeem. The two bad guys were Celtic Hessian and Gren Sleives. And then there was King Richard. So with Richard, that would have given us six new action figures for this Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves toy line by Kenner.  The unreleased action figure I was able to get was Gren Sleives. With Gren I also got a card front print proof of this action figure. As I look at the dude on the front, I have to wonder where Kenner got this photo. I honestly have no idea. I do not remember this guy from the movie. I compared this uncut card to the other product

cards that I have. It's dead on in size even though it is not cut. I noticed that the colors are a little light. I've been told that that is how the cards look before the card is heat pressed and laminated. I am guessing the lamination darkens the image. I didn't get a back of card proof. It might have helped with identifying who this character is due to the quick bio usually on the back of the package. From what I've found on the forums, this could be a picture of the creator of this character. How cool would that be to have not only be the action figure, but have your face on a card as well! As far as the action figure, Gren seems to be a complete reuse of parts from the Sheriff of Nottingham with a new head. He comes with a new cloth goods tunic and a re-colored collar like Little John's tan colored one. Gren carries a silver spear. This was a bit confusing due to the fact that we don't see him with a spear in the picture, but that is how this toy line translates for all of the action figures when comparing the toys to the pictures on the cards. All in all, I am very happy with this action figure. It's kind of weird holding a production piece, knowing that it never went to mass pressing. I'm not sure how many Gren Sleives there are out there. I am guessing that there are not too many. Now that I have one, I'm now wondering if I can get the rest of the un-released line. We'll see...

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If you've made it down here to the very end, I have to commend you. April fool's day! I have to be honest, there is no such production run of Gren Sleives. This is a custom action figure that I have made. The dude on the card is the creator, me. I hope you have had fun with this posting. Please don't ruin the April Fool's effect for others till a few days after the 1st. Thanks for reading!


  1. Sorry but that Gren Sleives is a custom. It was made using Little John's robe repainted and a Robin Hood body. The face, especially the nose, looks like it was sculpted with Sculpey. This was not in the original Kenner image for the unproduced second series and looks photoshopped in the black and white image.

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