Friday, April 19, 2013

Action Figure Friday- Playmate's Nick TMNT Mutagen Ooze Drop Copter!

When I saw that Playmate's was bringing us some new single man vehicles, I was on the lookout for all of the new goodies! This is one of those such vehicles. The first must have for my Ninja Turtle collection had to be this Mutagen Ooze Drop Copter and this thing delivers on the cool factor. Now, I never did a review on the Rippin' Rider Turtle Motorcyle that I have in my collection. My opinion on that toy was that it was worth the price point. This toy is the same in my opinion if not better. Let's talk a little about the sculpt of this vehicle. The copter is sculpted fairly well with all sorts of rivets and mechanical plates detailed on the main body. There is some nice turtle shell plating on the tail that let's you know that this is a TMNT toy. I like that this run of TMNT toys are not SO over-the-top with what "found" objects are sculpted in making it a bit ridiculous. The main body is sculpted in a nice ridgid brown-bronze plastic that feels strong and not cheap. 

The rest of the parts are molded in a nice bright red plastic or a steely grey. The toy is easy to assemble and stays together fairly well. The copter comes with 4 stickers. I will have to go ahead and state, one of these labels is hell to put on. You will need a pin or tweezers to apply it. The toy has a couple of play features that I feel are really thought out. One of which is a wench with a foot hook. You can "pickup" other turtles to save them from danger. It is a basic feature, but it totally works! The next is a free turning copter blade. Need I say more? If you can't thump the blades to make them spin, you do not have a very reliable helicopter. What gives this the Mutagen Ooze Droppin' aspect is Ooze barrels that are attached to a thumb wheel. Flip the wheel forward and you've got ooze dropping fun! With the toy, you get silver ooze puddles that you can put in the red barrels if you don't have any ooze. I kind of wish that these were molded in a different color. As of now, it looks like the copter is dropping metal flashing or mercury. It's just a little awkward. Extra features that this toy has that is not selling points on the box are the opening body harness, turnable hand grips and weapon clamps built in on the side of the main body. Little features like these make these toys so worth while. Every aspect of this toy's design seems very well thought out which at times is rare these days with certain toys, so applause for Playmate's Toys on this toy line so far. Everything on this works well and I think that the simple design of the toy makes this worth the price you pay. The Copter is a load of fun to play with and looks great to display!

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