Friday, January 11, 2013

Action Figure Friday- Masters of the Universe Classics: Mosquitor!

Back in December, Mattel released the Masters of the Universe Classics Mosquitor through Mattycollector. I was able to get one on its sale date. Unfortunately, I have a budget so I have to pick and choose a few out of a wave instead of getting a whole subscription. At first, I had thought of not getting this action figure in order to get others down the road. I have to say, I am extremely happy that I did not pass on him! He is amazing! He carries the standard Masters of the Universe male buck chocked full of the standard articulation with a new head, hands, biceps, loincloth, chest plate, and boots. Extra care was taken with the sculpt, giving him some ridiculous awesome detail with cracking and bumps on his insectoid body; basically, the sculpt on this toy is nothing short of absolutely amazing. Overall, he keeps the same classic look as the original toy, but he shares a few updates that give a nice nod to the 200X staction by Neca. I know that some have complained about the small insect arms that are located on his back. I'm actually ok with them. I do have to agree with Pixel Dan about a very needed accessory: In his review, he stated that he would have liked to have had a blood vat backpack much like the 200X statue. I will have to agree and I would say that Mattel should be persuaded to include a blood vat in a future weapons pack, though I am not sure how the pack would attach to the toy. Mosquitor comes with a nice modernization of his classic purple gun that has some very nice purple metallic highlights on it. Now, he does not have his blood pumping chest feature, but does feature a blood filled looking chest plate. I have to say, it works nicely. I know that I had said it earlier, but I am extremely happy with having bought this action figure. He really is a shining example of some of the greatness that this toy line can have. Now this toy has come and gone to the mattycollector website. I'm not sure when or if he will be re-released on that website, but you can find him for sale on other sites. Here is a listing of him on 

Masters of the Universe Classics: Mosqiutor

I have my Mosquitor setup with my Classics Hordak, Grizzlor, and Leech. He fits right into place and looks fantastic. If you find him for sale, he is bound to run a little more in costs due to his popularity. He's worth it, well, without going to high in cost. If you have the other horde's men, you will want this guy. 

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The long awaited issue 4 of Xenex the Bug Man is now up for order. It's a great looking comic book! Head on over to the Bug Man site and see what I'm talking about!

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