Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sketch Card of the day- Faker!

Our sketch card of the day is Faker! For those that don't know, Faker is supposed to be identical to He-Man. He's an evil robot of Skeletor's that is supposed to fool the good people of Eternia, making them think that He-Man had turned to evil. In the old filmation cartoon, Faker is truly identical to He-man with the exception of his eyes. The only way one could tell the two apart was that Faker's eyes glowed. In a 200X cartoon episode, faker is a palace sparring droid that is programmed with a holographic camoflag to look like He-man to help him out when Adam is captured. In this episode you get a quick glimpse of him turning blue before he is shut down. Now, the toys are a different story! There have been 4 toy versions of Faker; one was a vintage action figure, one was a 200X exclusive action figure, and two Classics action figures. All of these toys carry the same color scheme, blue body with orange armor and purple loin cloths and boots. I'm not sure when the last time was that the good people of Eternia looked upon He-man to realize that he's not blue, but if they were, they need to get their eyes checked cause they might be blind. To make matters worse, he's wearing a mock up of Skeletor's body armor! Let's just say that If I had this action figure when I was a kid, the Heroic masters would not have been fooled! As a kid, I never thought much of Faker. I basically passed him up every time I saw him. Now that I'm older, I do have a better appreciation of him. For some reason, the blue on orange on purple color scheme really catches the eye, and maybe that's exactly what Mattel was going for. I wouldn't mind having a full run of action figures of this character. If I had to choose one of the action figures, it would be the 2011 exclusive of DC Universe Classics vs. Masters of the Universe Classics, Bizzaro vs. Faker. This version of Faker has him wearing Skeletor's Battle Armor in Orange! In my opinion, it's the best action figure version of this character. You can also see this art piece here.

There's been an update to the store tabs on both Xenex the Bug Man, and this site. All of the print on demand issues, cafepress stores and commissions info will be under the new store tab on both this site and the Xenex the Bug Man site. Hopefully this page makes shopping a bit easier. Go and check it out! 

I just updated the Xenex the Bug Man website with rather grand news that the long awaited issue 4 is now up for order. It's a great looking comic book! Head on over to the Bug Man site and see what I'm talking about!
Just a quick update: I did go ahead and purchase a table for the Fan Days Convention in October. So I will be there (given that I don't have another mishap).

Now, you mighty be asking what this Marvin Dog media is. I've got answers. I had been working with a good friend of mine, Jeff McGee, before I got sick on designing logos and banners for a podcast that I am on and logos and banners of podcasts that other friends are on. I have listened to all of the shows so far and they are great! Jeff and I are on the show where we talk about toys! (Go figure, I mean Go action figure!) That show is called Talking toys with Taylor and Jeff. The other two shows are The pilot episode, where Jeff and Josh Taylor break down the Pilot Episode in TV series, and The Loosely Based Podcast where Brynna and Jeff compare the book to the movie adaptation! Again, the shows are great! If you are interested in what we got, go to  and give us a listen. You can subscribe to the shows on itunes and get up to date info on upcoming shows on facebook:
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