Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Xenex & Unstoppable Force table at Sci-fi Expo (Your Participaion Warning #1)

I'll be flying these banners at the Sci-fi Expo.
     Hey everyone! Another convention has snuck into my life reminding me that I need to reach out to you all and let you all know that I have a table at the upcoming convention is Dallas's Sci-Fi Expo! I had so, SO much fun at the Fan Days Star Wars Convention that I decided to do another before the big Dallas Comic Con of 2012 occurs.
     The Sci-fi Expo will be located at the Irving Convention Center who's address is 500 W Las Colinas Blvd Irving , TX (At intersection of 114 and NW Highway). General admission is $15.00. Parking at the Convention hall is $5.00. The show dates are February 11-12, 2012 (Saturday 11:00AM - 6:00PM & Sunday 11:00AM - 4:00PM).
      This Sci-fi Expo promises to be a good show. They will have the majority of Serenity's crew from the show Firefly (I love that show) and Eliza Dushku (She's cute)! They'll have a large guest selection of comic book artists and writers (You'll have to go to the site to see who). Also, unlisted but will be there, is a large group of independent and small press comic book creators, artists and publishers including moi, yours truly, Taylor, the toy Guru and art heathen, Lymbery! (Hey it's my blog! I get to play up my name if I want!) 
     Now, I'm guessing that you are going to the show to see the stars and starlets of television. You may even have plans to get a couple of issues signed by the Comic Book industry's best, but I ask that you please, please (Don't make me beg) go to see the small press peeps in artist alley. We need your fanly support! Seriously, we need the fan's support. We need you buy from us and keep the projects you love to read rolling! And that's an honest to gosh, Boy Scout honor truth!
     If you do go, and you do go and help support the little man, then please, please stop by my table to visit. If you want (knock on wood) you will buy a couple of art pieces, or prints, or comics from me. I know that this request seems a bit much. It's almost like I'm begging, and to tell the truth, I am (rather shamelessly). You see, I'll be there alone, and I need the company. Both Rob and Jordan, who are usually there with me, won't be attending due to busy schedules, so I will need you, the fan, to help keep me sane whilst I am there (I'm actually kidding about keeping me sane...or am I).
Posters and Prints available at the Sci-Fi Expo from my Booth.
     What will I have to sell? I'll tell you. I'll have the Cowboy Clone Trooper pin-ups. They are going to be $5. I have about 50 of them left. Once they are all sold, then that's it! I will not print anymore. Also, I'll have 11x17" posters there of Sarah the Pin-up girl, Miranda Fly Girl, and Power Meal Rangers. They will be $15 each. I will have 20 of Sarah, 18 of the Rangers and 10 of Miranda. Oh, and I'll sign them for FREE! I'll also have a small stack of Xenex issues 1-3 and the Giant Sized issue of Unstoppable Force. Xenex issues will be $4 per issue or $10.00 for all three and get a Xenex 11" X 17" poster! I'll also have color sheet artwork of sci-fi characters like the FanDays show back in October. Prices will vary on them. If you are interested, I'll also have my other artwork out on display. Prices on those will vary too.  If you are interested in a piece, just ask me. 
Books for Unstoppable Force and Xenex the Bug Man will be available at my booth.
And of coarse I will have free magnets and postcards for those who want them.
Come by and say hello. If anything, come by and get some free stuff from me. So clear your schedule and plan to be in Irving the weekend of the 11th and 12th of February 2012!


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