Monday, February 13, 2012

Upcoming Mini A-Kon and the recent Sci-Fi Expo

Hey everybody! So to start off, I will be at the upcoming Mini A-Kon in Denton. There are a lot of great artists and voice actors attending, so you need to be there! I will have a few things for sale there. It is kind of a last minute thing, but I think it will be a load of fun, and I believe it is free! Check out their site to learn more. Seriously guys, be there. Be there, or I'll have to ask you again to be there.
 Now, the wrap up of the Sci-fi Expo. I have to start off with thanking everyone that purchased items from me. Thank you so much. Your support helps me keep getting tables and bringing artwork to you. You guys are the reason I am able to do this. I also want to thank everyone that managed to stop by and visit! You all are absolutely awesome too! I had some peeps stop by and drop off really interesting literature! Thank you all for that. Give me a week or so and I'll be able to go through all of my goodies and respond to you! I was able to get some new pin-ups drawn! (Cad Bane, Batwoman, Fisto, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and R2-D2)

Sadly, I do not have a pic of the Batwoman. I will have to get the owner of that piece to send me a pic of it. Hum, hum, Rob, can you send me a scan of the art I sold you? Please?

Reese and I at my Sci-Fi Expo Art Booth
My fondest moment of the Expo was on Saturday. A young girl named Reese came by and purchased the full set of Xenex Comics. She also got a poster and a handful of postcards and magnet swag! She was very excited to read the comics and was so happy to have them signed! She made my day! She came back to the booth the following day to give me a print of her work! It is great! I had her sign it and I can not wait to frame it up and put it on my art wall! (an Updated picture will be posted at a later date.) Reese, if you are reading this, you absolutely rock! Thank you so very much!

Just as a reminder, I was able to purchase a table for the Dallas Comic Con 2012 show. So, if you missed this last show, you have another chance in May...

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