Monday, March 21, 2022

Tay Ray Gun's Fortnite Choppa Toy Review from Jazwares!


 I can't believe that I bought into Fortnite. I have been enjoying the game so far and I have REALLY been enjoying the toys by Jazwares! This "Choppa" with Blaze is a fun aerial plaything! You could say it is EPIC! Be sure to check out the review! 

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     Sun-Man has been added to the Masters of the Universe mix!!! I want to thank everyone that signed my petition: Make Masters of the Universe Origins toys more racially diverse with new characters. I won't take the petition down until I see all of these toys on store shelves for the kids. So if you still want to sign it, and share it, please feel free. And when you share it, use the #DiversifyMOTUOrigins so we can find it all over the internet. 

  Jeff and I are having an 8th anniversary of our show, Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff! It has been a great ride. Celebrate the occasion by going through our backlog of shows on MarvinDogMedia!

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