Monday, June 24, 2013

Pin-up of the Day- King Randor!

Oh King Randor, are you the true ruler of the burger? Are you the Burger King? There is no relation between the two, but come on, someone was inspired a little from the other! King Randor is the father of Adam in the Masters of the Universe story. As a kid, I always wanted a King Randor action figure. Now that I am older, I still want one and the Classics version of him too. He has a really cool color scheme and great design elements. He looks a lot like the Burger King which is always a plus in my mind. He can rule my hunger and feed me delicious whoppers any day! You can also see this here on my deviantart gallery.

I had a blast on the DELol show. I was there talking about Xenex the Bug Man, my custom toys, and Jeff and I's podcast, Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff. Here's a link to the show I'm on (episode 42). If you haven't listened to the DELol show, you are truly missing out.

I did buy a table for the Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days on October 4th-6th. If you are wanting a pre-Fan Days commission, let me know and I'll get it ready for pick up at that show. 

I have posted some new shirt designs in my Cafepress store. Head over to my Cafepress store and get a shirt or a couple! 

Just to let you know all know, I am taking commissions. If you would like to commission me for original artwork, head over to the commissions tab in store to see how. 

If you have not heard about the Podcast called, "Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff", then it's time I let you know! Jeff and I are on the show where we talk about toys! (Go figure, I mean Go action figure!) Seems simple enough. We pick out a toy line to discuss in each show. We share our childhood memories, our favorite five, and talk about the one toy in the line that got away. Jeff talks about how he cherished his toys and I talk about how they ended up in the garden! The other two shows are The pilot episode, where Jeff and Josh Taylor break down the Pilot Episode in TV series, and The Loosely Based Podcast where Brynna and Jeff compare the book to the movie adaptation! The shows are great! If you are interested in what we got, go to  and give us a listen. You can subscribe to the shows on itunes and get up to date info on upcoming shows on facebook:

If you like what we have, be sure to tell your friends! We need your word of mouth to help us keep making shows!

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