Friday, May 24, 2013

Action Figure of the Day- The Savage "Wonder Bread" He-man!

So just want to start this posting off by saying that nobody really knows where this guy actually came from. No one really knows if he is a knock off, or if he was some sort of promotional toy. There are a few defining factors that let you know if you actually have a true Savage He-Man, or if you just got a fake. Fortunately for me, I got a real one. He has seen better days, but I got one. So, what makes a true Savage He-man? There are several production factors that will tell you if you have the real thing. Eric Stettmeier at Toyriffic has a really good run down of the factors as well as Bruno Bliss's photo library. The first big factor is that there is a gap between the bottom of the belt and the top of the fur in the loin piece. The fur sculpt does not go all the way up to the belt. There is a gap between the bottom of the neck and the body.  There is a date on the under side of the neck where it sits on the body. That date should be 1981, and match the 1981 that is printed on his back. The paint on his boots should come up a little onto his calves. The brown of his hair should not be the same shade of brown as his loin cloth. And one really big thing is this, Savage He-Man should not have a pin in his neck. No one really knows what Savage He-Man came with as far as accessories. Honestly, as I had before, no one really knows where this action figure came from. Some people believe that he was a Wonder Bread mail order toy, but Wonder Bread can't confirm it. Mattel apparently has no idea where this toy came from either. I believe that he might have been a first run of He-Man toys in the Conan colors. The molding is way to detailed to be a knock off. I believe that that first run was handed out as a promotional toy to demonstrate the waist action feature to toy retailers and vendors, who then gave the samples to their kids to play with. I doubt I am right about that. Recently, The Toy Hunter sold a Savage He-Man to Scott Neitlich, who is the Senior Brand Analyst at Mattel toys. I haven't sat down to watch my recording of it yet, but The Savage He-Man sold for about $450.00. I acquired my Savage He-Man from Darth Mall toys through art trade. I am currently working on touching up the paint on my toy. I am having a hard time mixing the paint for the hair, but I am sure I can get it done. I have already matched the paint on the face, belt and boots. Even though it is believed that Savage He-Man did not actually come with weapons and armor, I do plan on picking up a black Zodac gun to match the accessories that came with the Masters of the Universe Classics action figure, Wun-Dar (the wonder bread eternian) who was made to pay homage to this Savage He-Man action figure. I'm not sure if refurbishment causes the value of the toy to go down, but this toy is really for me and not trade, so I am going to pretty him up as best as I can. 

Number 1 for Topless Robot's post: 10 Exclusive action figures you will probably never own was The Savage He-man. They have a few interesting things to say bout this toy. The weapons that came with my Savage He-Man is in fact the extra weapons that came with the rare to find packaged Man-E-Faces, dubbed, "Man-E.Weapons". I am debating if I will display these weapons with this toy if I get am acrylic case for him. I probably shouldn't plan too far in advance, I still have to match the paint of his hair...

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    1. True. Very true. I know that Scott Neitlich, Some of the founding members of and several toy reviewers have all been stumped by this one action figure. I've even been searching the forums for a while and have come only been answered in questions. The only thing that rings true for this toy is it's identifying features to show that you have one.