Thursday, May 5, 2011

Duke Nukem: Are we getting ANOTHER media re-boot? Should we really care?

What?! Duke Nukem is finally set with an actual release date! After 12 years (really 14 years) the Nukem intellectual property is set to release Duke Nukem Forever on the current game consoles giving a new generation a look at the over-the-top "all out of gum" a$$-kicking bad boy. But what of the original fans, the now matured (hopefully) crowd that seems to be dogging the game on message boards and comments?

As I watched this trailer for the upcoming Duke Nukem game I was slightly enticed to play it. I would almost say, that I am a little excited to play this game. It looks very silly (silly in the way of the Alphabet of Man book) and over-the-top. So, knowing this, I'm not surprised that the trailer dumbs my I.Q. down a couple of notches to middle-school boy mentality. I'm fine with dumb. I'm not expecting much from this story. But not everyone feels the same about this high octane reboot. Some people feel downright ashamed of this game, but should they? Comments ranged from, "the graphics suck", to "after a decade, who cares". Are peoples' expectations being shattered after waiting for a decade, or are people tired of the over saturation of the same thing? Is the game going to be bad because it's poorly made, or have peoples expectations of various franchises and brands skyrocketed to the impossible. If expectations are too high, will creators and studios be able to deliver a product that will wow crowds again. I know personally I'm a bit tired of the reboot plague and I mean this across the media board. Thundercats is being rebooted, Voltron too. Conan, X-men, Judge Dredd, Captain America, and the we just had a few re-boot releases recently. Many of the original comics, cartoons, and movies carry fond memory from my childhood and I've had many years to day dream about how a perfect movie interpretation would be for (insert title here), thus rising my expectations. And though Green Lantern and Thor have not had a movie made of them till now, they seem too similar to everything else out there trying to capture the attention of the fans. Is there anything that can satisfy the fanboy or fangirl? If expectations are too high, will creators and studios be able to deliver a product that will wow the fan crowds again? Honestly I believe that these movies are set up for the nostalgia in us. As fans we know the movie or game is iffy, but we'll buy into it. The truth, I believe, is that these reboots are for a new generation of fans that will be doomed to repeat what we are going through now. If we are to get through this re-boot phase, I think we are going to have to do as Nukem; dumb it up to just have fun.

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