Friday, April 26, 2013

Action Figure Friday- Masters of the Universe Classics- Snake Face!

Ever since I saw this guy in the toy news, I have been waiting for him to show up on my doorstep. He is a very cool action figure, but does not come without a few complaints. Snake Face was Mattycollector's April collector's club action figure. He is a nice addition to King Hsss's army of snake men. Much like his vintage action figure, this version of Snake Face comes with both his staff and shield. The staff is the basic re-use staff that we have seen with King Hsss and Rattlor in the Classics toy line. Snake Face's staff is a nice shade of green that matches his helmet and has great green metal detailing on the bottom scales of the snake. His shield on the other hand is lacking a little. The shield is a bright green plastic that is sculpted very nicely. Paint-wise, it has one application of gold in the center. This is not really a problem at all, but I would have just liked to see some paint that would bring out the sculpt a little more. As for the body, he has all of the basic MOTU male buck movement. We get some really nice newly tooled parts; the arms, armor, hands, loin cloth and head. One of the things that I absolutely love about the new parts is the sculpted snakes on the forearms. That sculpting is fantastic and the "elbow snakes" really accentuate the creepiness of this guy. Another of the other new pieces that I love is the snake popping face. Creepy... It's just plain creepy. This is definitely one of those toys that I will bring around my mom. She is terrified of snakes and this does a great job of giving a great scary snake vibe. (Love you, Mom.)

The original Snake Face action figure had a pop out snake action figure. What Mattel has done to give that snake feature was to add a head with the snakes coming out of the face and detachable panels that pull out of the armor in order to stick two belly snakes on his armor. In some ways, I'm not a big fan of the belly snakes. When you take off the armor panels, it leaves a small slit open at the top of the armor that shows his skin tone underneath.   I really feel that the small slits detract from the over all design. I would have liked to see the panels stay and maybe just have the snakes fit via taking a small peg away at the bottom instead of a whole panel. What can you do? I do not display him with the belly snakes. There... done. 

With all of the display options that you can get, it leaves Snake Face with a lot of parts. In the beginning, Mattel wasn't sure that they would pack in all of Snake Face's weapons due to the fact that there were so many parts. I'm glad that you did, Mattel. Let's hope that you can do the same with the upcoming Castle Grayskull, but I digress, that's another toy. Snake Face is a nice update of the original toy and does not borrow at all from the 200X design at all. I am a BIG fan of the 200X NECA Staction design, and I was hoping for some of those elements to translate over to this toy, but we can't always get what we want. So, was Snake face worth the price... Yep. He's that cool. 

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Masters of the Universe Classics Snake Face Figure He-Man

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