Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This is for all of the Xenex the Bug Man fans: Issue Four is on the Board!

I have issue four on the board drawing it as you read this. Consider this post as a bit of a preview for the first couple of pages for this issue. I've got to say, I am extremely excited about this issue, and hope that I will have it in hand for the upcoming Dallas Comic Con. It will be a bit slower, having that this issue needs to start explaining some of what is going on. I'll delve into the past a little, opening up some of what Xenex is, and I'll be introducing a character whose name has been heard since issue one! It'll be great! If you haven't picked up issue one through three and want them, I'll post a link to where you can have them printed.

Map on the Back issue 1
Map on the Back issue 2
Map on the Back issue 3

And if you want shirts or other gear with Xenex and crew on it, here is a link to the Xenex the Bug Man cafe press shop!

Xenex the Bug Man Cafe Press Shop

So to satiate all Bug Man fans, here are some pictures from the drawing board! More to come soon.

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