Friday, July 8, 2011

Taylor's Toy Box Review: Mattel's DC Classics Series 16 Robin (Dick Grayson) and Riddler (Classics)

So over the last couple of days, I have been lucky enough to score a Classic Costume Robin and a Classic Costume Riddler. Both are incredible action figures. So now the breakdown.
My Robin and Riddler

Robin: I got Robin first, so I'll talk about him first. So Robin is an all new mold. Every piece I believe has been newly tooled. One of the things that I really, really like about this toy and a couple of others in this 16th series, is that Robin, as well as a couple of others, have double jointing in the elbows and knees. This is a great feature. Now I know that this will not take hold in all of the new upcoming characters, but do expect to see this feature in more future DC Classics. One other really cool feature in articulation on this version of Robin is the all new ball hinged wrist. In some ways, it is a little awkward, but I can see that this feature will come in handy with new poses. Robin comes with a batarang and grappling-gun. The batarang is just a standard piece, but the grappling-gun is a two piece accessory. This is one accessory that I have been waiting on to appear with at least one of the Batman characters. I say that and just realize that the first series 1 Batman has a grapple-gun, but it's just not as cool as the one that comes with this Robin. Robin also comes with the head and crotch of the build a figure, Bane. So out of 5 stars, I give this toy a 5 of 5. 

Robin DC Classics (Vintage Head)

Story of the purchase:
How I got Riddler as a bit of an awkward journey. I have to tell you this story so you can see what  I went through to buy another toy (I say this like it's a bad thing to buy action figures, what I have to keep the toy guru title fresh). Ok, so the day that I got Robin, I dropped his tiny ass batarang in my messy office. I could not see where it'd went, so I started digging in the clutter on the floor. Now I originally had $5.00 in my Batman piggy bank that I had forgotten about until that morning, and $4.06 in my pocket due to change from getting Robin from my local Kroger store. "So, wow!", I said, "I have $9.06!". That is almost a figurine! But I couldn't bring myself to use the money that my Wife and I use for our bills nor dig the money out of my cash box that I use for change at conventions. I figured at this point, I'll just sit on the money until I have collected enough to get my next figure at the cost of $16.19 at the store. So, I decided to look for the fallen batarang on the office floor. I could not find it! Argh! So, then  I decided to look into my backpack due to the fact that it was open and right there when this tiny accessory fell to it's doom. As I cleaned out my backpack I found $4.61 and the Batarang! Dude, this is the fates telling me that this is meant to be. So, now I have $13.67. I end up finding $.10 in the bedroom, which then brings me to $13.77. So I only need $2.42 to make this purchase happen. Do I sell something? Do I panhandle for money on the street? I decide to dig through my wallet and behold, I find a check for $42.40. I decide to go to the bank, and on the way there I find a penny outside my door on the sidewalk and a penny in the back seat of my car. I deposit $40.00 and keep the $2.40 and race, I mean RACE over to my local Kroger grocery store to buy: The Riddler in classic Costume! 
So The Riddler in classic Costume from this series 16, is a standard Mattel DC Universe Classics buck body. All of the normal articulation is there. The cane is a remold of the cane used in the first run Riddler in series 5. The only new piece here is the head. You know, I really liked the look of the Riddler as him suited and not just a spandex costume, but I must say that between the two Riddlers that are available in this toy line, I do like the Classic Version better. He does seem to stand out and look more uniform with the other Batman characters from the DC Classics line (well, at least on my wall with my collection). The Classic Riddler also comes with the ever cool left arm of the build a figure, Bane, which has an incredible sculpt of the venom injection system on his wrist. I would say that overall, I give this Riddler 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The Riddler (Classic Costume)
Both are great pieces, and I can not wait to put this Bane BAF together. Great job, Mattel!

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